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Networking for the More Analytical Amongst Us

Bob Littell, Chief NetWeaver

The Enrichment Company and NetWeaving International

chiefnetweaver@gmail.com www.netweaving.com

Many of those whose personality profile tends to lean in the more analytical direction, are not comfortable with the typical ‘networking’ scene.

Floating from one person to another just long enough to see if they’re prospect for whatever it is you have to offer, or seeing if they can help you in some way, is not what most analyticals enjoy doing.

We have found that on the other hand, there’s a brand of networking called “NetWeaving” which is ideally suited for those of a more analytical and technical nature.

Although one of the three skill sets of NetWeaving involves ‘connecting’ other people, with their needs in mind rather than your own, it is the second skill set of NetWeaving which seems to really be the greater attraction to those of a more highly technical and analytical persuasion.

The second skill set of NetWeaving involves learning how to ‘position’ yourself as a ‘no-strings-attached resource’ for others, simply as a way to establish and build meaningful relationships, and doing so because they genuinely believe in the law of reciprocity – ‘what goes around, does come back around’. 

It’s been my experience as “Chief NetWeaver” that the real goal of most persons within this more highly analytical group is to be viewed and recognized as a ‘creative, helpful, problem-solver’.

Sometimes this might involve volunteering for a non-profit organization, many who could benefit tremendously from more of these types serving on their boards,  or just as volunteers since often, the more ‘nurturing’ personality types, are the ones attracted to charities - more ‘heart’ than strategically and financially astute and focused.

In other cases, it’s finding a company who simply needs the kind of information and resources which highly analytical types can provide – gratuitously at first – just as a way to build the relationship - which then often turns into a more structured and often ‘financially-rewarding’ kind of relationship.

But the third aspect of NetWeaving which is closely associated with number two, suggests that these highly analytical types should be constantly on the lookout for persons who are exceptional at what they do – regardless of their field – find a way to help that person, and by so doing, make him or her part of their NetWeaver’s Trusted Resource Network.  Over time, between their own valuable technical and analytical skills, combined with the talents and skill sets of their Trusted Resource Network, they build a reputation as the ‘go-to’ person, even when it has nothing to do with their own field of expertise.

And guess what?  Once many of these individuals – often more introverted by nature - begin getting more recognition and appreciation for being this gratuitous resource-provider, a ‘go-to-person’, and a creative, helpful problem-solver, their self confidence grows and some of them back into becoming wonderfully skilled ‘connectors’ of others.

NetWeaving is an ‘art’ but it’s also largely ‘science’ with structure and ways to build relationships which are consistent with the personalities and styles of most analytical types.  Go to the “NetWeaving” website (www.netweaving.com) to learn more and if you’re curious, take the “NetWeaver’s Aptitude Assessment” quiz (bottom left-hand) icon on the home page and see if NetWeaving is something that might be a perfect fit for you.

Bob Littell has spent over 40 years in the financial services industry on both sides of the fence – in the field as well as at a home office having served as Marketing Vice President for two different insurance companies.  But his real passion these days revolves around a word and concept he created almost a decade ago – “NetWeaving” – a Golden Rule and Pay It Forward form of networking.  In addition to a number past national leadership roles in various organizations, Bob currently serves on and co-chairs the steering committee of the  Pay It Forward Foundation”, created by Catherine Ryan Hyde, the author of the book, on which the now-classic movie was based and with her permission, NetWeaving is now known nationally and even internationally as the ‘business’ version of ‘pay it forward’.

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