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Interview with Accountants One's 2007 Top Recruiter
Q: Congratulations Melanie. You were the Top Recruiter at Accountants One for 2007. To what do you attribute your success?
A:  I attribute my success to  many  different things.   I have learned so much over the years from a combination of both professional and  personal experiences in my life .   I try to build on these experiences to improve my recruiting techniques in an effort to not only make me successful, but also make my customers successful as well.          
Q: So, I know that Accountants One has a great incentive program for their top biller -- what did you win?
A:  THE CAR!!  THE TRIP!!  THE DINNER!!   Accountants One has graciously offered a blue car incentive for years.  I have been with the company over 6 years and have won three brand new cars from a Honda Accord, Honda Mini Van to a SAAB 9 3.  Who else do you know that rewards their employees like this.  My trip was a weekend trip that included round trip air tickets   to where ever I wanted to go 5 star hotels, meals, shows etc.  The TGR Dinner!!  All recruiters that meet the goals that they set for themselves are treated to one of Atlanta's finest restaurants.
Q: What is your area of focus?
A:  Contract and Direct hire placements from Clerical level to Executive Level 
Q: What is your philosophy of recruiting?
A:  Be honest and believe in what you do.  People like working with people that they trust.             
Q: What are your thoughts on work/life balance?
A:   If you do not have a work life balance you will burn out. I have a wonderful Husband Bryant, Daughter Sara and a baby on the way. Accountants One is so supportive in my work/life balance.  I hear so many stories from my friends and family about how their employers do not support their family life, and I thank God each and every day that I have such a true supportive team.   
Q: Who is your business role model?
A:  Bert and Dan Erling of course!
Q: Any big plans for 2008?
A:  I am due to give birth on May 15th.  
Q: What do you like most about recruiting?
A:  Knowing that I had a part in helping someone find their dream job.

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