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Discussions with Dan: State of the Job Market


Dan, let’s start with the usual question: how’s the market?

Despite all the news focused on the economic gloom, the hiring market remains very strong. Companies are using this time to compete for talent at the highest level. However, these hires are very specific. For instance, a recent customer looking for a Regional Controller was extremely detailed and demanding in terms of personality and skill set. By adhering to a carefully defined recruiting plan we were able to find a person who fit every aspect of the description.

Contract placements continue to remain an integral part of the Atlanta business landscape. Currently Contractors are being utilized in order to augment teams without the risk of additional payroll burden through additional staff.

Has Accountants One been able to retain their success rate?

I am honored to say that our Direct Hire Side success rate is at 94%, while the Contract Division is currently at 91%.

What are the hot areas you’re seeing?

And our winner for the hottest job in the city (for 2rd Quarter of 2008) is…The Senior Accountant! Most of this hiring was with larger companies. The ideal candidates for this role are accountants who took the traditional CPA firm to industry path. These candidates have 5+ years of experience and have strong hands-on experience with complex accounting systems.

Of course the demand for traditional auditors remains high.

As I mentioned earlier in this article, many companies are utilizing these times to search for C- level executives who can bring a great deal of experience to the table. In fact, during the quarter, Accountants One successfully completed an executive search at the highest level in our 35 year history.

How about the Raleigh office?

Brad Barbour, CPA is doing a great job opening our new office in Raleigh, North Carolina. The office opened on May 1st and Brad has already seen a great deal of success both in filling jobs in the Raleigh area and identifying candidates who are open to opportunities in the Atlanta market.

The WATERS Organization is your sister company, specializing in admin, what trends have you seen there?

Demi Tanner, the Director of the WATERS team is exceptional. If you’ve never met her, I urge you to have us come out for a visit. Demi brings 20 years of experience to the role, and her level of knowledge and professionalism is second to none. Under Demi’s watch, the demand for qualified administrative candidates continues to grow.

So, does your Newsletter offer any career advice in this market?

Absolutely! An article from David Maister provides insightful advice about finding something in life that you are passionate about to guarantee success and Dan Coughlin proves that you can still have fun while trying to achieve your goals. Of course we also have news from Accountants One, including breaking news from our Search for the Funniest Accountant in the South. Enjoy, and as always, I welcome any comments to: dan@accountantsone.com.

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