“We Don’t Work With Recruiters”


The top 5 reasons why companies don’t want to work with outside recruiters

A good recruiting firm knows you and your company and serves as your extension into the market. A good firm has access to people you don’t, and they will proactively look on your behalf. They know their candidates. They evaluate more candidates in a week than most hiring managers evaluate in their career. They’re objective. They’re tough. They find the right person for you and for your company. They save you time and effort and confusion. They more than justify their fee.

And then, there are … the other recruiters. The ones who give the profession a bad name. You may have dealt with a few of them in your career. They can be a nightmare and leave you feeling burned by the whole experience. Those recruiters have different beliefs about the profession than we do.

  • I’ve had terrible experiences with recruiting firms before.’ We understand. Recruiters, or “headhunters”. have a bad reputation. We know why. Some recruiting firms will take your job description, do a text search in the database, and then send YOU resumes to sift through. They throw candidates at you hoping that one sticks. Our approach is different. We are long-term relationship-oriented. Of course, we want to help you when you need it, but our goal is to be a true partner. Having a dedicated recruiting agency that knows your business will ultimately help to save time, money, and make sure that you are getting the talent you need.
  • ‘We have internal resources who take care of hiring.’ Of course, every company does – even the ones that use recruiters. One advantage of using a recruiting firm is the sheer reach and scale of our candidate pool.  These are candidates we’re in contact with regularly. We’re not limited to the candidates who just happen to see the job posting. We know the market and can proactively promote your open role to our network. Additionally, Accountants One operates on a team project model. Our team reviews resumes, interviews candidates, rates them, tests them, runs background checks, etc. – hundreds of candidates a month. We’re objective. We’re tough. We know how to parse genuinely good candidates from those who are just slick interviewees.
  • ‘I know my business better than a recruiter does.’ Without a doubt! Absolutely. Business leaders and hiring managers know the ins and outs of their business better than any outsider. You know your department and team. You know the hiring and recruiting strategies that you want to carry out. Our approach is to actually learn about you and your company’s unique culture so that we act as an extension of you. We are your multiplier – one with a much greater reach into the market than you have. We understand that a great hire is 75% culture and 25% technical skills. So when we send you candidates, we’ll be sending you just 1 – 3 thoroughly vetted candidates whom we feel fit the qualifications of the role and culture of your company.
  • ‘An agency isn’t prioritizing my search.’ With many recruiting firms, the person assigned to your job is the same person filling it. The priority of your search comes down to that person’s individual schedule and preferences. Accountants One runs on a team model, which allows us to be more agile in addressing your needs. A good recruiter will set clear expectations upfront around time frame, feasibility, and market demands. If you have an urgent contract position, we have contractors sitting on our virtual bench who are ready to go to work. If you have a direct hire search that needs careful time and attention, do realize that there will be more of a time investment, but you can rest assured that a whole team is at your disposal and working on your behalf.

As you can see, we understand the objections to using outside recruiters. Addressing those objections has allowed us to be the most successful recruiting firm in Atlanta.

Still not convinced? Check out our client’s testimonials if you’d like to read more about what makes us different. Then give us a call! We’d love to get to know you!

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