Building A Contingent Work Force


Building A Contingent Work Force

Contract Case Study

Project Summary

A $10M services firm that had just acquired two of their competitors in less than 3 years and tripled their client list discovered that they had a severely understaffed organization for the new business they were receiving. To avoid losing their unmatched industry-leading service and commitment, they needed to augment their team with a contingent labor force to keep up with demand. They needed a staffing partner who could quickly take action, so they turned to Accountants One for help.

Key Challenges

  • Management was too busy filling orders to invest in the hiring process
  • The retention rate was low because of employee frustration with workload
  • Company finances were crumbling due to lack of organization in accounting function (no invoices sent, or A/R collected)

Our Solutions

  • Listened and evaluated our client’s needs to ensure their success
  • Urgent mobilization of expert recruiter through a database full of highly qualified, pre-screened candidates
  • Gave strategic recommendations to the client to create a Credit and Collections department to keep the billing process on track

The Outcome

  • Our tailored recruiting strategy brought in over 54 skilled and deadline-driven candidates who were vital to the organization of the accounting department, doubling the staff size
  • Our client had more flexibility and cost-savings through Accountants One handling payroll, state and federal paperwork, benefits, liability, and exposure. Several Accountants One contractors were converted into permanent hires
  • Our client experienced a total increase to their bottom line through the organized invoicing process, increased sales, and higher employee retention

“Accountants One has definitely amazed me with the candidates they were able to find that worked out great! Our recruiter goes out of her way to get good candidates for us. She is very flexible and always delivers high-quality service.”

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