Accountants One CEO Featured on Decision Vision Podcast presented by Brady Ware & Company


Decision Vision Episode 125:  Should I Take Over the Family Business? – An Interview with Dan Erling, Accountants One, Inc.

Dan Erling sits down with Mike Blake, host of the Decision Vision podcast, to chart the course of Accountants One.  Dan shares his insights on what it takes to inherit a business, lucky breaks, things he would have done differently, how the business eventually flourished, and much more. Decision Vision is presented by Brady Ware & Company.

About the Host

Mike Blake, Brady Ware & Company

Michael Blake is the host of the Decision Vision podcast series and a Director of Brady Ware & Company. Mike specializes in the valuation of intellectual property-driven firms, such as software firms, aerospace firms, and professional services firms, most frequently in the capacity as a transaction advisor, helping clients obtain great outcomes from complex transaction opportunities. He is also a specialist in the appraisal of intellectual properties as stand-alone assets, such as software, trade secrets, and patents.

Mike has been a full-time business appraiser for 13 years with public accounting firms, boutique business appraisal firms, and an owner of his own firm. Prior to that, he spent 8 years in venture capital and investment banking, including transactions in the U.S., Israel, Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus.

Decision Vision Podcast Series

Decision Vision is a podcast covering topics and issues facing small business owners and connecting them with solutions from leading experts. This series is presented by Brady Ware & Company.

Decision Vision is produced and broadcast by the North Fulton studio of Business RadioX®.

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