How is a Good Recruiter Like a Good Fishing Guide?


No, it’s not a riddle or the setup of some corny joke.

Imagine this:

You are in a small boat with a fishing guide for a trip that you’ve been preparing for months. You’ve been practicing baiting, casting, and reeling in other types of fish, but you are finally ready to catch your ‘trophy fish’. Your guide has spent time setting up where you will be going and has brought all the proper equipment including rod, bait, hook, net, GPS antenna, and more to attract your trophy fish!

Your guide navigates you to the best fishing spot he knows using his tools and many years of experience. He sets your expectations that within a few hours, you will have the exact trophy fish that you've been dreaming of. BAM! Like clockwork, you’ve caught your fish! It’s a good day.

Have you ever thought that a good recruiter is like a good fishing guide? It’s true.

A good fishing guide (and a good recruiter) should have these qualities:

  • A good fishing guide has extensive knowledge of the fishing area, including the types of fish that are present, the best fishing spots, and the best techniques and tools to use to catch your trophy fish.
  • The same is true for a good recruiter. A good recruiter is knowledgeable about the market, client companies hiring, and talent available. They will often have a target niche specific to the placement level or role that they work on the most. Along with expertise, a good recruiter often has specific techniques and tools used to help a client or a candidate in their search. A good recruiter has deep relationships with hiring managers across the market they serve.
  • A good fishing guide understands that fishing can be a slow and frustrating process and is patient and encouraging with their clients.
  • Whether you are hiring or looking for that next great position in accounting or finance, your search can be a slow process. A good recruiter is going to be patient and let candidates and clients take the lead with their search moving as fast or slow as they want while still offering encouragement and guidance in the current marketplace.
Communication skills:
  • A good fishing guide can communicate effectively with their clients, providing clear instructions and guidance on techniques and safety procedures.
  • A good recruiter is someone who can also effectively communicate with their clients and candidates to give updates on a job search and status of a position. Often a recruiter is a liaison between the client and the candidate helping to set up interviews and negotiate offers. Clear and frequent communication is important for everyone involved in the hiring process to ensure the satisfaction of both the hiring manager and the employee.
Customer service:
  • A good fishing guide provides excellent customer service, ensuring that their clients have an enjoyable and memorable fishing experience.
  • Above all, a good recruiter should ensure you have a positive experience and receive excellent customer service with their team.

How do these qualities apply to Accountants One?

We are a values-driven organization.  We care deeply about our culture and care about surrounding ourselves with people that embrace the same values. By constantly focusing on these values, we have created an organization with a unique and genuine culture.

Our organization is a vehicle for helping our clients, our candidates, and our team reach their professional and personal goals. This standard is reflected in the Accountants One logo.

The Accountants One logo resembles a fish because of these principles. The Accountants One service hierarchy is our clients, our candidates, and then ourselves. The ability to serve others by bringing value is a gift. At Accountants One, we are proud of the difference we are making in people's lives. We have so much gratitude for the community we serve.

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