Work for Good Recognizes the MATCH Process


Accountants One is honored and elated to announce that Work for Good has published an article about our President and CEO, Dan Erling. Work for Good is an incredible job board and job resource website that deals exclusively with non-profits. Not only that, but they are a non-profit themselves!Work for Good recently highlighted Dan Erling and the maTch process in their article “Hiring right every time (without losing your mind).”In the article, Dan focuses on how the maTch process works synergistically with non-profit principles. He points out “I think nonprofits have an even greater competitive advantage because they’re so driven by the meaning of the work they are doing.” The maTch process works well with nonprofits because the maTch process focuses on culture, and culture is often times already a focus of nonprofits. But to hem the potential of the maTch process in, and assume it only works in places where culture is already center stage, would be a mistake.

In fact, the foundational work that makes up the beginning phase of the maTch process, can help any organization pinpoint their culture, and refine their hiring goals. Once these goals are clear, the maTch process helps hiring teams develop a focused recruiting plan with a clear idea of who they are looking for to fill the role. After the hiring team has a consensus about who and what they want, they simply have to implement the agreed upon recruiting process and fully vet their candidates.

When the pool of candidates has been narrowed down, the maTch process guides the hiring team through the decision making process, offers extension and even onboarding. But what is possibly most valuable about this process, is that it doesn’t stop there. The maTch process helps hiring teams follow up on their investment. From retaining the employee to tracking the return on investment, this process is all about getting the most out of a hire.

Culture is a reoccurring theme throughout the maTch process, because understanding your organization’s culture, and being able to determine who will thrive in a given position (and who will be painfully out of place) is key to developing a team that can work together to create results.

Here at Accountants One, we are passionate about aligning culture, methodical and thorough searches, and client satisfaction. Maybe it’s our passion that makes us so successful, but it probably doesn’t hurt to have a CEO who literally wrote the book on hiring. We believe in the maTch process, and we have a 92% success rating to show for it. We’d love you to be part of that success.

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