4 Ways to Benefit from Flexible Staffing in this Market


August 3, 2020

With the pandemic causing budget uncertainty, organizations are assessing their teams and cutting costs where they can. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the national unemployment level declined by 2.2% from May to June, now sitting at 11.1%.

In economic situations like this where businesses cannot afford to keep employees, businesses can be left with holes in productivity and possibly very few ways to fill them.

A flexible staffing model offers a potential solution to this challenge. Here are five ways that you can benefit from a flexible staffing and hiring model during this time.

You Save Money

A contractor will get the job done without the same direct-hire costs associated with hiring, onboarding, and training. Typically, using a contractor means not paying taxes, social security, or benefits. As a hiring manager, you will set the scope and length of the project, so you will only be paying for this candidate as long it’s necessary.

You Don’t Have to Deal with as Much Paperwork

State and federal documents, timesheets, weekly payroll, and W-2 tax forms are all out of your hands with contractors. You can bypass the administrative duties and get straight to focusing on the job at hand. You will also skip sifting through the hundreds of resumes that usually come in with a direct-hire employee. With a phone call or email, you could have a handpicked selection of people ready to fit your immediate needs on your desk tomorrow.

You Get A Vetted and Quality Person

When you use a project-based candidate who works with a good recruiting firm, you will benefit from the in-depth vetting that goes on behind the scenes. Many contractors have been tested, interviewed, and even worked with a client in the past so you can rest knowing that they are reliable and ready to work for you.

You Might Find Your Next Great Hire

Nothing is exclusively temporary with contractors. Have you ever heard the term “try before you buy?” Through the addition of a contractor, you may find that you really want to bring that person on as a full-time, direct-hire employee once their assignment ends. It is important to evaluate the value, technical skills, and cultural fit that your contractor brings to the table before bringing them on permanently.

The decision to increase reliance on contractors and contingent labor is an excellent way to remain competitive in the market, either for growing or shrinking businesses.

Accountants One is always happy to help with any professional needs you may have. Our office is fully operational as we continue to support clients in providing immediate staffing solutions including Temporary Contractors, Contract to Hire, and Direct Hire.

“Accountants One understands the urgency called for bringing candidates in. They are very capable of quickly finding solutions for sometimes odd situations that we present. They are very flexible and willing to negotiate. I haven’t seen this kind of flexibility in other recruiting companies.”

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