Growth of a $150M Public Company through Direct Hire Contingency Search


Direct Hire Case Study

Project Summary

After a $150M publicly-traded technology company moved from the West Coast to Atlanta, their stock took a major dive, and their new Atlanta-based employees became quickly demoralized. An organization that was already taking on water by a downwardly spiraling economy was even further damaged by a rushed and erratic hiring process. Quickly receiving negative press in Atlanta, there were no candidates that took interest in working for the company in such disarray.  The organization's new Chief Financial Officer who saw potential in this organization had a monumental task ahead of him. So, he turned to Accountants One for help.

Key Challenges

  • Negative reputation in Atlanta led to disheartened employees
  • Their stock went from trading at $125 to $0.12
  • The Accounting department was missing critical quarterly deadlines
  • Focus on keeping the company resilient and profitable meant no time to invest in the hiring process

Our Solutions

  • Careful assessment of company values, vision, organizational structure, leadership, and communication style with CFO and Human Resources Director
  • Conducted real in-depth behavioral interviews with a qualified candidate pool who could identify with the new CFO's growth strategy
  • Provided portfolio packages for the highest quality candidates that the CFO and HR Director could evaluate before moving forward with the hiring process

The Outcome

  • Through our observations, research, and data collection, the company was able to develop an effective personality profile and establish and articulate the company culture to potential new hires and the business community
  • Our process-driven recruiting and hiring approach helped them add over 30 new employees to their organization who drove growth to the bottom line
  • Our client completely rebounded and was back to being the pinnacle of the investment world
  • Eventually, our client went through a successful merger, purchasing another company to augment their
    service line

“Accountants One got to know me. They talked to people I had worked with
previously. They learned my strengths as well as my weaknesses. They told
me that they only send me people who will help me succeed. I interviewed
the ones they sent. Sure enough, they were correct. I received candidates
who wanted to work for someone like me, in an industry I am in and who
needed my type of leadership for their own success. We were quickly able
to hire and fill our positions.

I have never experienced such caring service from any recruiting agency
during my twenty-two year career! The Accountants One recruiters
significantly enhance anyone’s organization because of their skill set and
most importantly, because of their caring approach.”

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