Six Ways an Exceptional Recruiter Can Help You Create the Career You Desire


Recruiters are:

a) Annoying

b) Worthless

c) A valuable resource for people exploring their career goals

Almost anyone can call themselves a “recruiter.” This leads to a great deal of market confusion. The short definition of a recruiter should be “a highly trained professional who engages in ethical and confidential long-term relationship building with the purpose of creating value.” The most important skill of recruiter should be the ability to listen.

The bad news is that there are plenty of unethical, poorly trained recruiters out there who are more motivated by their own pocketbook than your career. The good news is that there are gifted, highly professional, and well-trained recruiters who understand that their job is to focus on your long-term career goals. A true recruiter is invested in your career – helping you reach your goals.

Do you want to be a CFO?

Perhaps a Partner in a CPA firm?

Maybe your ideal work experience involves putting in 30 hours per week from the comfort of your lake house. A great recruiter should be able to LISTEN and align you with opportunities, not pressure you into a role for the sake of their enhanced commission check.

The truly ethical and professional recruiter should understand exactly what you want out of life and how your career intersects with your goals.So, how do you find a GREAT recruiter? Well, it is a bit like finding a GREAT lawyer – you don’t look for a brilliant attorney when you need legal advice. Before you need a lawyer, you invest time in relationship building.

You ask your friends, read reviews, and develop a rapport by phone (or even better, in person). Then, when you inherit a fortune from your long-lost aunt, you have someone in place to help you navigate the process.Working with a true recruiter will raise your odds of achieving the career goals you have set for yourself. Here are just a few ways in which an exceptional recruiter can help you create the career you desire.

Recruiters provide access to more opportunities

Job boards will only get you so far. A true recruiter will look across their firm’s matrix of multiple opportunities to see where you best fit. A recruiter should have a clear picture of you and your aspirations as well as your skillset. They should also provide you with insight – where they see you, what kind of roles they’d seek out for you, and what concerns they see.

Recruiters make your search easier

The best time to look for a job is while you have a job, but often, it is a time management AND political challenge to do so. With an exceptional recruiter, you’ve got someone doing the legwork for you. While you are busy with in your current role, your recruiter is actively confidentially exploring the market for you. Look for a recruiter who will understand the nuances of your situation and honor them.

Recruiters can be your copilot

A good recruiter will help you manage the meticulous process of getting from here…to there. They should be able to offer guidance on career growth, while also being a resource for updating your resume, social media best practices, career growth strategies, and specific interview techniques. They should also be invaluable as you talk about compensation.

Recruiters know your greatest strengths

We all have differentiators that set us apart --those gifts that make you exceptional. A great recruiter will go far beyond your resume, digging into the value you bring to an organization. You may be surprised what you learn about yourself.

Recruiters provide a bigger network

Recruiters already have connections in place, so when you align with a rock-solid recruiter, you get plugged into opportunities that would never have come your way otherwise. It’s fair game to ask a recruiter (before you build a relationship) who their clients are, what their matching process looks like, and what their approach to maintaining relationships with job seekers is.

Recruiters are in for the long haul

Well, the best ones are. We believe this is one of the most important traits of a recruiter. Most people today aren’t satisfied with merely making a living. Instead, we’d all prefer to cultivate a career. Recruiters understand that, even if you have a job you love, at some point in your career you may want (or need) to explore other opportunities. A top-tier recruiter will maintain a relationship – providing value on your timeline. A good recruiter makes sure you’re never starting over at square one. Instead, you’re climbing the ladder, at your pace, toward the rewarding role you value most.

So, while anyone can call themselves a recruiter, there are some definitive qualities you can look for – and some concrete questions to ask – to ensure you’ve connected with someone who truly will have your best interests at heart.By the way, the answer to the question in our headline?

It’s C.

At Accountants One, we aspire to embody these qualities each and every day. If you’d like to learn more about how we can support your next search, and your career, give us a call at 770-395-6969.

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