Avoid the Cost of a Mishire


The cost of a mishire is staggering.

Business data consistently shows that hiring the wrong person can cost the company up to 15 times annual salary. While hiring the “right” person leads to a positive ROI of at least three times annual salary, hiring the “wrong” person damages an organization by creating a negative ROI. Hiring expense, total compensation, support, severance, mistakes, and wasted business opportunities make up the cost of a mishire.

Mishiring a Controller can cost $1.5 million. Mishiring an Accounting Clerk won’t be as expensive, but could still cost at least one hundred thousand dollars. And what about hiring the “wrong” CFO? Think of the impact that hiring the wrong Financial Leader for your organization could have – especially if that “wrong” individual mishires their team.

The MATCH process is a proven hiring process that removes the risk of the mishire. The MATCH process starts with the mission of your organization and builds a job overview based on carefully prioritized business objectives. Further, the MATCH process codifies the culture and the competencies necessary for a successful hire and then uses behavioral interviewing and reference techniques to move through a candidate pool in a systematic way.

Through this strategic process, MATCH virtually guarantees the “right” hire every time.

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