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Project Summary

A 45-year-old Atlanta-based nonprofit had just lost its CFO. The current CEO needed to bring in a Controller / CFO level professional to add an extra set of hands to their team while they looked for their permanent full-time employee replacement.

This CEO began using the Featured Candidate resource to explore some of the high-level available contract candidates through Accountants One. The CEO caught interest of a particular individual who was an Interim CFO at a reasonable bill rate.  After filling out the contact form, our team quickly got to work.

Our team followed up with the CEO to learn more about their needs, business challenges, and company culture. Through deep listening and thorough evaluation, we were able to recognize what type of candidates would be a good match.

Our contract team identified a candidate that was a good fit for the position. By using a portfolio approach during the interview, our team got to know the candidate both on a technical level as well as on a personal level to really understand what the candidate was looking for and ensure she would thrive in this position.

Bringing It All Together

  • Our contract team quickly realized this could be a good fit and submitted the candidate to present to the client
  • The controller/CFO candidate interviewed with our client only two days after the job order had been taken and was extended an offer which the candidate accepted
  • Our team identified how we could best serve the client and the candidate and meet their needs on a short notice

The Outcome

  • Through the Accountants One unique MATCH approach to recruiting, we were able to recognize the candidates with the best potential to match the client’s needs both on a technical as well as a behavioral level
  • Our client's role was filled in less than 5 business days due to the accessibility of our professional contract team
  • The candidate was able to quickly find a new role that was a great fit
  • Accountants One helped with the introduction and onboarding as well as handling all the paperwork for the contractor saving the client can save valuable time and resources

Clients are utilizing our Fractional CFO Staffing Services to bring in Controller / CFO level professionals and add an extra set of hands to their team. This helps them either catch up or do some cleanup to make sure they are ready to continue focusing on growing their business full steam ahead.

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