Career Building Steps for Staff Accountants


The stable accounting foundation, skill set and experience that comes along with a Staff Accountant role will provide you tremendous value once you decide you are ready to grow your career. This is why most individuals choose the Accounting & Finance industry in the first place, right? For great characteristics like interesting career possibilities, salary, and professional growth? These are enticing and certainly make this industry a hard one to pass up. Use the career building steps below to get ahead of the competition.

If you are at all systematic or meticulous when it comes to your career, chances are, you've thought about future job opportunities including Senior Accountant, Accounting Manager, Controller and beyond.

The best advice from accounting & finance job recruiters

It's the time to be proactive! Getting ahead while you are in this mid-tier Staff Accountant role is essential for continued career progression.

Let’s face it, you’re up against stiff competition in today’s job market. Make sure your qualifications that you’ve worked on for years don’t slip between the cracks. You must always, and we repeat always, keep improving yourself. It will give you the competitive advantage when you are ready to make your move.

Side note: We’ve seen Staff Accountant job opportunities in Atlanta area triple even in the last few months. Employers need strong Staff Accountants both in the public and private sector. Use the 3 career building steps below to get ahead of the competition.

3 career building steps for staff accountants

1. Develop Your Skills

Staff accountants must master a wide variety of skills to exceed in their profession. While most of these skills are obtained over time and through on the job experience, you can take proactive steps to better yourself.

Receiving training, asking for help from a mentor, & continuing education are all great places to start. Considering a CPA or CMA certification may be an option based on your role and career goals. Be vocal if there is something you want help with or feel you need to improve on to get to the next level.

2. Show Leadership

Showing leadership is especially important if you are hoping to progress internally within your current company. Although this is considered a soft skill, it is an important skill to sharpen and perfect! Think about it, once you decide it’s time to make a career move, you will be asked to lead a team -- maybe one, maybe four, maybe ten!

Helping your current managers with daily tasks, making their priorities your priorities, and helping the entire team will get you a long way. Don’t be afraid to raise your hand and volunteer for the next challenge. Be proactive! Even if you aren’t planning to stay at the same organization you will receive an exceptional reference from that former supervisor!

3. Use Your Resources

There are several resources available that you should fully utilize once you are ready to begin exploring opportunities. Resources include, but aren’t limited to, previous mentors, supervisors, former class mates, job boards, peers that have grown their career, and recruitment agencies. Recruitment agencies serve job seekers as a special ‘one-stop-shop’ resource and help professionals with strategic career planning. Accountants One partners for the long-term and gives you a number of advantages including:

  • Access to jobs and companies that you may not necessarily know about
  • Industry expertise regarding culture, salary, in-demand skills, etc.
  • Host networking events and offer continuing education (CPE)
  • Relationships with hiring managers across a variety of industries
  • Advice on career path including transitioning from public to private and switching industries

Ready to start advancing your career?

Whether you’re in Public or Private, real estate or healthcare, there is a high demand for your accounting & finance skill set and experience.

Don’t be opportunistic with your career path. Be intentional and persevere until you get where you want!

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